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London’s Festivals and Events: What’s Happening Year-Round?

London is a city that never sleeps when it comes to festivals and events. Year-round, there’s always something exciting happening in the British capital. Whether you’re interested in culture, music, food, or sports, London has something to offer for everyone. Now we will look into a guide to London’s year-round festival calendar for better decisions.

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New Year’s Eve: London celebrates different cultures through festivals throughout the year and the best season is winter. London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display is renowned worldwide. It’s a spectacular way to welcome the New Year along the Thames.


  • Patrick’s Day is celebrated in London with Irish culture through a colorful parade and exuberant celebrations in Trafalgar Square.
  • Numerous thousands of runners from all over the world take part in this renowned race on St. Patrick’s Day, and onlookers encourage them as they go.


  • Tennis fans converge on the All England Club to see some of the best players in the world compete in this illustrious tournament known as Wimbledon.
  • The largest street event in Europe, Notting Hill Carnival, honors Caribbean culture with exuberant parades, music, and cuisine.


  • London Fashion Week is a showcasing of the most recent fashion designs and trends, drawing both industry insiders and fashionistas.
  • Trafalgar Square will come alive with vibrant lights, music, and dance as part of the Diwali on the Square celebration of the Hindu festival of lights.
  • The London Film Festival offers premieres, screenings, and Q&A sessions with the directors.

After exploring London’s vibrant festival scene throughout the year, you might have been sure to be in the place for enjoyment. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, there’s always an opportunity to immerse yourself in the city’s culture, music, food, and traditions.  Once you have a basic idea about the programs then choosing the time of visit becomes simple.