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Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Standards and Ethical Guidelines at FES London

Ownership & Organizational Structure

FES London stands as a prominent, independent global media and entertainment enterprise, dedicated to inspiring individuals to explore and savor the finest aspects of the city. Our expansive presence encompasses digital and physical platforms, spanning websites, mobile applications, social media, magazines, live events, and FES London markets. We derive revenue through digital and print advertising, branded content, e-commerce, and live events, bringing the essence of the city together under one roof, featuring renowned chefs, beverages, and cultural experiences, all thoughtfully curated by FES London.

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Ethics Policy

At FES London, we maintain unwavering ethical standards. We encourage our readers to be active participants in ensuring the integrity of our content. Should you come across anything on our site that you deem incorrect or unethical, we welcome your feedback at [email protected]. We take immediate action to rectify any content that is factually inaccurate, offensive, or against our ethical guidelines. Significant corrections are transparently acknowledged. Our commitment to independent journalism is resolute, and we do not alter star ratings or opinions at the request of any party.

FES London remains neutral concerning political affiliations and does not endorse any particular party, candidate, or agenda. Our primary focus is documenting the city’s multifaceted aspects, which may include the vibrant nightlife, but we do not condone or promote illegal, cruel, hateful, or exploitative activities. We strictly adhere to a no-tolerance policy in such matters, including opposition to game hunting, conflict-related products (such as ivory or tortoise shell), or any organization that employs exploitative tactics involving children, animals, indigenous communities, or marginalized groups.

Editorial Mission

Our mission at FES London is to empower you to make the most of your city experiences. We achieve this by publishing recommendations, reviews, features, and news. FES London’s recommendations are sourced locally and delivered by experts. Our content is characterized by its positivity, actionability, honesty, and fairness. It is created by seasoned journalists with first-hand experience; we know because we explore!


Events and venues that carry a red star-rating are subject to independent review by professional FES London journalists, who assess these establishments in conditions akin to those of regular patrons. Additional details regarding our restaurant and bar reviews can be found on our website.


FES London is committed to fostering diversity, encompassing diverse voices and experiences in both our content and our team.

Transparency & Integrity

The core of our content is independent editorial. If our content extends beyond expert opinions, we are transparent about its origin (see Paid Content below).

Opposition to Editorial Corruption

We do not accept payment or gifts in exchange for our editorial content. While our journalists attend press events and occasionally secure complimentary tickets and experiences from PR representatives following industry conventions, we ensure that such experiences do not compromise the independence of our reviews or give rise to conflicts of interest. If you suspect a conflict of interest, please contact us at [email protected], and we will promptly investigate.

Attribution & Sources

Our content is crafted by expert writers and is attributed accordingly. When content originates from external sources, we diligently attribute it to the respective publishers or sources.

Commercial Content

FES London’s editorial recommendations are unbiased and unaffected by advertisers; commercial content is distinctly labeled. Commercial content falls into three categories:

  1. Sponsored Content: Independent editorial content associated with a sponsor, often featuring the sponsor’s logo, while remaining under our editorial control.
  2. Branded/Advertorial Content: Content created by FES London’s editorial team acting as a creative studio for a commercial partner. Both FES London and the client have sign-off.
  3. Advertising: Space on our digital or print platforms sold to clients for conveying their messages, controlled by our sales team without FES London’s input.

We pledge transparency regarding AI tools, and our policy will be updated accordingly.


Plagiarism, defined as content not originally created by our editors or expert writers for FES London’s use, is strictly prohibited. Proper attribution is maintained as required.

Syndication & Licensing

If you intend to syndicate or reproduce FES London’s content, including photography, videography, text, or archived magazines, please contact us at [email protected].

Factual Accuracy

FES London editorial content is rigorously fact-checked to ensure accuracy and timeliness, with each piece displaying a timestamp indicating the last verification. Our writers, editors, and production staff collaborate to maintain this high standard.

How to Make a Complaint

To voice a concern regarding content published by FES London, kindly reach out to us by sending an email to [email protected] or by completing our complaints form. Please specify the content you are addressing, providing a URL and a detailed description of the issue along with the date and time of your observation. We will respond to all complaints promptly and efficiently, keeping you informed of our findings and any necessary actions.