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Cookie Policy


This Cookie Policy pertains to all websites and mobile applications operated by FES London. By accessing our websites and mobile applications, you agree to abide by the terms outlined in this Cookie Policy each time you visit our digital platforms on any device.

As is the common practice among online operators, we employ cookies across our various websites. This policy is intended to elucidate the purposes for which cookies are used and to provide you with the means to control their use. It is important to note that not all of these cookies are utilized on every website within the FES London network.

How We Use Cookies

Cookies are small files comprised of letters and numbers that we store on the device you use to access any of FES London’s websites, which may include computers, mobile devices, tablets, or other similar devices. Cookies enable us to distinguish you from other visitors to our website, enhancing your overall experience and optimizing the functionality of our websites during your browsing sessions.

It is essential to emphasize that the information collected by cookies is not intended to personally identify you. Rather, it encompasses general details about your computer settings, internet connectivity, such as operating systems and platforms, IP addresses, your browsing patterns, the timing of your visits, and your geographical location.

Most internet browsers are configured to accept cookies automatically. However, you have the liberty to modify your browser settings to delete cookies or to prevent automatic acceptance if you so prefer.

Types of Cookies We Use

  1. Personalization Cookies: These cookies are employed to recognize repeat visitors to our website and, in conjunction with other information we retain, to track specific browsing habits. This data includes the manner in which you arrive at our website, the pages you view, the choices you make, the information you input, and the path you traverse through our website. Personalization cookies are utilized to recommend content that aligns with your prior browsing activities.
  2. Third-Party Service Cookies: On occasion, we integrate social sharing, video, and other services provided by third-party companies on our websites. These external entities may place cookies on your device while using these services on our platforms or if you are already logged into their systems.For further details about specific services and their use of cookies, please refer to the respective service providers’ policies, especially for social media platforms.
  3. Social Media and Marketing Cookies: To engage with our readers who also frequent social media platforms, we sometimes use cookies for marketing our own products and services through these platforms. For instance, we may employ a pixel on our web pages, enabling platforms like Facebook to install cookies on the browsers of our website visitors. These cookies collect data to assist us in tracking and targeting users as they interact with our website and social media advertisements.
  4. Our Own Ad Serving and Management Cookies: To support the free content we provide, we sell advertising space on some of our websites to advertisers and partners. Various services help us and advertisers understand which advertisements might interest you. It is important to note that these cookies do not contain personal information linked to you as an individual. However, they may retain a record of other websites you have previously visited, allowing us to display relevant advertisements. The specifics of these services and methods for managing these cookies are detailed below.
  5. Site Management Cookies: These cookies are essential for maintaining your identity or session on our websites. For example, if our websites operate on multiple servers, we utilize a cookie to ensure you receive information from a specific server consistently. Similar cookies may be used when participating in opinion polls to guarantee single-vote accuracy or when using our comment functionality while not logged in. Blocking or refusing these cookies may impact the full functionality of our website.
  6. Analytical Cookies: These cookies enable us to recognize and count the number of visitors and monitor how you and others navigate our website. They streamline your search for specific content. It is important to note that blocking or limiting cookies may affect the website’s full functionality.

We understand the significance of your privacy and aim to maintain transparency and control over your data. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Cookie Policy or data privacy, please feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction and trust are paramount to us as we continue to provide valuable online experiences through FES London’s digital platforms.