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On the 23rd June 2016 the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union. For the first time in the history of the EU, a member state triggered Article 50. Until the 29th March 2019, the British government and representatives from the EU will negotiate the terms of their future relationship. Brexit sheds light on what is at stake for Britons and European citizens living on the Isles. Apart from the process of leaving the EU, the UK is facing uncertainty in economic, political and cultural terms. As many other countries, digitisation and globalisation change how people live, work and vote. As a consequence, societies have to find new solutions for challenges we face together. 

"Eyes on Britain" gives floor to visionaries and progressives with a mission to take part and engage. The aim is to inform the debate about what might otherwise not be heard. Please feel free to share the videos. You can get in touch with us via E-Mail or Twitter. 

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