Wednesday, 07.12.16 | Our Digital Future | Event

The impacts of digitisation on women in the labour market

FES London and the Fabian Women’s Network organized a roundtable event to provide insights in the ongoing digitisation debate and explore particularly what women will face by the transformation of the labour markets.


Tuesday, 06.12.16 | Event

“Us vs Them” How the Left wins back ground lost to the populists

The FES London in cooperation with the International Group of the Fabian Society organised an panel discussion to compare the German and English perspectives on the common challenge of rising political populism.


Thursday, 17.11.16 | Our Digital Future | Event

(In)equality in the Digital Society

The emerging Digital Society, fuelled by technological innovation, automation and digitisation, poses uniquely new opportunities but also challenges that affect both the organisation of welfare states and societies as such.


Wednesday, 16.11.16 | Event

Immigration and Integration: What can Britain and Germany learn from each other?

In both Britain and Germany, immigration and integration policy stand at the top of the public’s agenda.


Wednesday, 16.11.16 | Event

Women in the Economy – The effects of Brexit

At a time when the UK’s future relationship with the EU remains uncertain, the potential impact of Brexit on women in the UK is a topical issue.


Wednesday, 14.09.16 | Event

The Refugee Crisis: A European Solution

In cooperation with the International Group of the Fabian Society the FES London held a timely event on one of the most pressing issues in Europe with the title “The refugee crisis: A European solution”.


Monday, 11.07.16 | Security and Defense | Event

British-German Dialogue on Defence and Security Policies 2016

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London and the Royal United Service Institute (RUSI) hosted the annual British-German dialogue on security and defence policies.


Tuesday, 05.07.16 | Event

The future of collective voice: what role for trade unions in the 21st century economy?

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London (FES) in partnership with The New Economics Foundation (NEF) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) organised a discussion on the role of trade unions in fostering economic prosperity.


Thursday, 30.06.16 | Event

British-German Dialogue Forum 2016

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London hosted its annual British-German parliamentary dialogue forum in the midst of the political turmoil caused by the Brexit vot


Wednesday, 15.06.16 | Event

"Gen Y bother": Is the EU referendum debate reaching the youth vote?

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London and CoVi presented interim results of a forthcoming joint analysis of a possible generational divide in attitudes to British relations towards the European Union.


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