Thursday, 15.07.21 | Event

PODCAST: Listen back to our event with Compass on the upcoming German federal election

Which way will Germany go?


Monday, 03.05.21 | Event

Day of Progressive Economic Policy 2021

VIDEO: Catch up on the international FES conference on inequality, climate justice, value and recovery.


Tuesday, 13.04.21 | Event

VIDEO: On the Corona Frontline: The Experiences of Care Workers in England

Watch back on our report launch event on care workers and trade unions in the pandemic.


Thursday, 25.02.21 | Security and Defense | Event

UN-Resolution 1325 / Feminist Foreign Policy

When UN-Resolution 1325 was passed 20 years ago, it was celebrated as a milestone in the history of gender equality. Yet, women still often remain excluded from formal peace processes and post-conflict power structures.


Thursday, 18.02.21 - Online | Event

Digital conference: Unboxing Hate Speech

We cordially invite you to help to unpack the toxic package that is hate speech and to develop counter-strategies.


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