Wednesday, 07.12.16

The impacts of digitisation on women in the labour market

FES London and the Fabian Women’s Network organized a roundtable event to provide insights in the ongoing digitisation debate and explore particularly what women will face by the transformation of the labour markets.

The event was bringing together experts from policy-making, business, think tanks and academia.

The economy, industry and the way we work has changed rapidly over the last two decades, largely due to digitisation, automation and globalisation. Having a closer look at how women and men are differently affected by these processes can help to come up with answers for some of the challenges we face in this respect and spark new ideas for job creation in the digital economy.

The panel of British and European experts as well as Chi Onwurah MP addressed the most significant changes to the labour markets due to digitisation. It examined the impacts on women, feasible policy-solutions and practical examples. While jobs will be lost, new ones will be created, and it will be essential to explore the benefits of these transformations and seek to shape the emerging labour markets as gender equal as possible.

This event was part of a series of events on “women in the modern economy” which will continue next year and culminate in a conference in March 2017.

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