Saturday, 22.04.17 - London

The Big Challenge: Reimagining the Existing Economic Model

FES London and the Fabian Women’s Network hosted a conference on how to rethink the current economic model, bringing together a wide range of experts, policy-makers, and the interested public to discuss the challenges and opportunities our economies face today. Lifting female voices, which are often overheard, particularly in economic debates, the conference saw over 20 female speakers share their take on a wide range of issues with the engaged audience.

Panel discussions touched upon monetary policy, democracy and innovation, tackling inequality and Brexit as well as various aspects of a new industrial strategy. Participants valued the opportunity to actively take part in group discussions on topics such as cities vs. non-urban areas or technology and digitisation.

The conference outcomes will be reflected in a pamphlet to be published in summer. Please revisit this site for more information.

In the past year, Fabian Women’s Network (FWN) and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) have been working in partnership on the position of women in the modern economic and hosted a series of roundtables on the impacts of Brexit and digitisation and discussed aspects of an inclusive economy.

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