Monday, 05.03.18 - London

Mediating Populism - Report Launch

In partnership with Demos and the Berlin-based think-tank Das Progressive Zentrum, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung launched a new report on "Mediating Populism" on Monday, 05th March 2018.

The report scrutinizes the challenges journalists in Germany and the United Kingdom face in relation to the rise of populist parties and narratives. In two case studies focusing on the coverage of the referendum campaign in the UK and the migrant crisis in Germany, three key issues are being discussed:

-How does the rise of populism reshape the power dynamics between politicians and media institutions ?

-What role does traditional media play in the legitimisation and discreditation of populist parties in Britain and Germany ?

-How does the growth of new media transform news practices ?

Through the analysis of anonymised interviews with journalists from the UK and Germany, the report offers an unprecedented insight into the daily work of journalists in a rapidly changing media landscape.

The report's findings were presented in a lively debate, chaired by Sophie Gaston (Demos). The journalists and experts on the panel, Prof. Matthew Goodwin (University of Kent & Senior Fellow, Chatham House), Mark Di Stefano (BuzzFeed), Lewis Goodall (Sky News), Laura Hughes (Financial Times) and Philipp Sälhoff (Das Progressive Zentrum), contributed to the discussion by sharing their unique experiences and practical insights from their day-to-day operations.

Read the full report here.

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