Call for proposals: political debates in the digital age

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London is accepting formal proposals for a discussion paper on political debates in the digital age, based on a case study of the 2019 general election in the UK.

The offer will be evaluated in a tender process, the criteria for which are explained below.

We would like to have a publication, targeted at professional circles in Germany, the UK and Europe, and at decision-makers in the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung’s political milieu. Based on a case study of the general election in 2019 and the role of Brexit in the election campaigns, the paper should evaluate how political debates shift in a digital arena. In particular, the publication should highlight the risks of political debates becoming polemicised and reinforcing existing social divisions.

The paper should include political conclusions and practical recommendations. The publication should constitute analysis, and descriptive passages should be kept short. The general structure should consist of an introductory thesis, an outline of the problem and a conclusion.

We aim at short and concise texts. The publication should be between four and six pages long. We estimate 3,000 characters (including spaces) per page.

The criteria we will use to select the successful provider are as follows:

  • 40% - proposed concept: Please specify your suggested focus for the discussion paper and the guiding questions you propose.

  • 25% - the overall cost of the project: Please include a cost breakdown.

  • 25% - experience of the author(s): Please specify who will be responsible for producing this paper and what their experience and expertise in the analysis of political debates in the digital age are.

  • 10% - timeframe for the project. The project should be concluded by the 1st July 2021 at the latest, an earlier publication would be in our interest.

We would be grateful if you could elaborate on these criteria in your offer.

Please send your proposal before 11th April 2021 to info(at)fes-london.org – if we receive an offer after this date, we will unfortunately not be able to include it in the tender. Please get in touch with me (juliane(at)fes-london.org) or Christos Katsioulis (christos(at)fes-london.org) if you have any further questions about the criteria and the project. We look forward to hearing back from you.

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