Call for proposals: Labour Party Conference

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London would like to invite formal offers for a collaboration at the 2021 Labour Party Conference in Brighton. The expected services are described below.

This offer will be evaluated in a tender process, the criteria for which are also explained below.

We would like to receive a concept for two events with the aim of promoting a continuing German-British dialogue in the context of the Labour Party Conference 2021. The first event should have the form of a public panel event, and the second one should be a private round table event. The service provider will cover in-kind responsibilities, such as organising the venues, inviting UK participants and in general facilitating the events.

In your proposal, please specify the concept and thematic focus of these events and potential participants. Our aim is to focus on issues that are of importance for progressives in the UK and Germany and we would like to include members of the shadow cabinet in these events. Please specify also how the events can look like alternatively if the Labour Party Convention cannot take place as a real-life event.  

The criteria we will use to select the successful provider are as follows:

  • 40% - the concept for the two events
  • 30% - the connections of your organisation with the Labour party and, in particular, members of the shadow cabinet (either through existing network or previous events)
  • 30% - The overall cost of the project

https://www.fes-london.org/We would be grateful if you could elaborate on these criteria in your offer. Please send your offer before 21.04.2021 to info@fes-london.org – if we receive an offer after this date, we will unfortunately not be able to include it in the tender. Please get in touch with, should you have any further questions about the criteria and the project.

London Office

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