Monday, 05.12.16

Brexit for millennials – How can young people be involved in the politics and process of Brexit?

In cooperation with CoVi, the FES London hosted an interactive workshop on the question “What do young people want from Brexit”.

Over the forthcoming months and years there will be extensive policy discussions and negotiations to determine what Brexit will look like in practice. A vast majority of young people voted in favour to remain in the European Union. They are now facing a result of the referendum the did not vote for but the impact on their lives will be strongest. Hence, it is vital that younger people have a stake in this process and make sure their voices are heard. In Birmingham, which voted to leave the European Union with the smallest margin in the referendum, young people came together to discuss consequences of Brexit for millennials and sought for creative ways how young people can engage in politics. The group reflected on key issues they want to see addressed in the Brexit negotiations. Subsequently participants were encouraged to think creatively about solutions to concerns they talked about.

The findings of the event will be fed into a group monitoring the Brexit process on behalf of young people´s interests. If you are under 35 and interested in what Brexit means for young people, sign up to the Brexit Watch bureau here. You will have opportunities to contribute via blogs, video interviews and podcasts, speak or organise at events, or conduct research and consultation work in your communities.

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