Tuesday, 14.03.17 - London

A New Economy: "Inclusivity in Action"

With the UK’s upcoming exit from the European Union and the EU's single market, Britain’s economy will change even faster in the next years. The importance of an inclusive economy has been stressed before and it is still an important topic of debate. FES London in cooperation with the Fabian Women’s Network organized a roundtable discussion which brought together experts from policy-making, business, think tanks and academia to discuss this subject, with a particular focus on inequality and the underrepresentation of certain groups in society within our economies.

he panel identified various characteristics of how an inclusive economy should look like. Among others, the impact of local economies and the meaning of progress in economic terms were discussed. Furthermore, the experts addressed current deficits of the system such as the lack of acknowledgment of unpaid work and debated with the audience possible solutions and steps that need to be taken in order to develop a more inclusive economy.

The event was the third part of a series of events looking at the position of women in the modern economy. FES London and FWN will host a big economic conference in London on Saturday, 22nd April. For more details and registration please see here.

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