Wednesday, 15.04.15

A Force for Fairness? What could the European Union do to combat economic inequality?

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the High Pay Centre launched a new report “A Force for Fairness? What could the European Union do to combat inequality?” that examines public attitudes towards existing rights at work guaranteed by EU legislation, and potential ways in which the EU could tackle inequality. Its findings were discussed at a panel debate with representatives from the trade unions and civil society.

The central questions were if the UK public perceives what rights one enjoys at work as a result of EU policies, if there is support for the principle of common workers rights across the EU and action at EU level to tackle inequality and how an alternative vision of a new 'Social Europe' could look like.

The report and the discussion reflected upon the dichotomy that whereas the effects of European policies are very popular in the UK, the idea of European regulation is rejected. The panellists agreed that the discussion about membership in the European Union focuses very much on the benefits to business, but the dimension of Social Europe needs to be part of the debate as we

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