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Old and new global security threats are increasing in our multipolar world. Changing means of warfare, cyber-security, terrorism, uncontrolled migration, growing tensions with Russia and instability in the Middle East compete for attention and resources. On top of that the security and defense cooperation between the UK and EU is currently under review and needs a new post-Brexit architecture. To foster the ongoing efforts for these global security issues, we engage British and European politicians and experts in settings, that provide platforms for exchange as much as in-depth analyses and policy recommendations for the way forward.

The FES London established an annual British-German exchange on pressing issues of defense and security cooperation with The Royal United Services Institute on an annual basis.The FES London also partnered with the Human Security Study Group of the London School of Economics on a wider European Human Security approach to threads of the 21st century.

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Latest Events

Thursday, 25.02.21 | Security and Defense | Event

UN-Resolution 1325 / Feminist Foreign Policy

When UN-Resolution 1325 was passed 20 years ago, it was celebrated as a milestone in the history of gender equality. Yet, women still often remain...


Monday, 10.07.17 - London | Security and Defense | Event

British-German Dialogue on Defence and Security Policies

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London (FES) and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) co-hosted an annual dialogue event on Security and Defence...


Monday, 11.07.16 | Security and Defense | Event

British-German Dialogue on Defence and Security Policies 2016

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London and the Royal United Service Institute (RUSI) hosted the annual British-German dialogue on security and defence...


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