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The Digital Revolution is permeating our daily lives on many levels and the velocity of change is likely to become even higher in the coming years. The undoubtedly great opportunities that this change brings is, however, matched by the political challenges it poses. In the emerging Digital Society, many regulatory frameworks are fast becoming outdated, new mechanisms to shape the transition are missing and new collective action problems arise as digitisation often goes along with the de-territorialisation.

The public policy community has only started to ponder the political implications of the digital transition. FES London and the wider FES network in Germany and across the world are organizing a series of events and publication to discuss the key challenges of our Digital Future.

Latest Events

Wednesday, 18.11.20 - Berlin | Our Digital Future | Event

The Economy and the Labour Market in Crisis – Is the Pandemic Accelerating Change? With Matthew Taylor

Digitalisation, structural change and demographic change are leading to upheavals in the labour market.


Thursday, 16.03.17 - London | Our Digital Future | Event

Future of Work - The Trade Union Perspective

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London in collaboration with the Involvement and Participation Association (IPA) invited trade union and business...


Wednesday, 01.03.17 | Our Digital Future | Event

Work 4.0 in the Digital Society

FES London and IPPR hosted a workshop on the transformation of the labour markets fuelled by digitisation and automation.


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    (In)equality in the Digital Society - Workshop Summary

    In November 2016 FES London and the New Economics Foundation (NEF) jointly hosted a workshop in London to discuss and debate new technological trends...


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    Germany’s Industry 4.0 strategy

    Wolfgang Schroeder (November 2016): The debate about the digitalisation of production has been given fresh stimulus around the world. No other growth...


  • | Our Digital Future | Publication

    Digitalisation and Low-Skilled Work

    Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen (2016): In 2013 the low-skilled accounted for 23 percent of the German workforce. Low-skilled work, generally done by workers...


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